Instead of freezing, I would get: "FileNotFoundException: C:/Users/RADIOT~1/AppData/Local/Temp/DefaultCompany/Angelica again 2/prefab-id-v1_avtr_804490fd-dfe9-4621-921b-62c18b02789d_0301843630.

File not found exception unity vrchat

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. Now instead of Unity freezing indefinitely, I'm getting the same error as I did when using SDK3. (I re-added Project to Unity Hub using the junction path) noemis and maximeb_unity like this. Feedback Forums Discord.

You'll need to re-open the project in Unity for the junction to have an effect.

Click on "Clear Content Cache" and "Clear Local Profile Data".

Mar 10, 2012 · Copy the project folder and paste as a junction (right click) at a lower level in directory hierarchy, after installing the extension.



When I go to Build & Publish, I get an error in.

This is what I did to resolve my problem. Dec 9, 2017 · fc-falcon">1) you have version 5. . .

VRChat > Development > Topic Details. . 5) There are no other errors in the console or build window.

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3p1 of Unity installed, not 2017xx.

. 4) You have a avatar descriptor attached to the model.

After the project is open, check the title bar to ensure it ends with PC. Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments.

Jan 11, 2018 · Can't upload model "customAvatar.

Or making your your project name doesn't have a space in it, "this can cause a problem", "this_is_better" I know it sounds dumb but a pc is just a rock we tricked into thinking in the first place lol. If you're using Unity Hub, click 'Open' in the top right, then select the directory where your project lives.



Yea its the same issue with Prefab ID not found means of Missing Scripts on your avatars, so I so Hope Sdk does something like rhat in the future to not Import a third party Package that scans for you like Quest Converter.

ago. . Jul 15, 2017 · FileNotFoundException: C:/Users/Chalk/AppData/Local/Temp/DefaultCompany/Avatar/customAvatar. 不具合② vrchatにアップロード時にコンソールにfile not found exception〜と表示されアップロードできない場合は.

I don’t know much else of a fix other then restarting/make the project over again and start from scratch. I. . Open the Unity Console with Ctrl + Shift + C and look for errors pointing toward an asset causing the issue.


Dec 16, 2022 · Log in to follow creators, like videos, and view comments. Steam will not work. This is what I did to resolve my problem.

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It might have been a problem with your naming of the folder. . (I re-added Project to Unity Hub using the junction path) noemis and maximeb_unity like this. FileNotFoundException: Could not find file "C:\Users\aabel\AppData\LocalLow\DefaultCompany\Match 3\LocalLow".